Walkietalkie - easy Voice-Over-IP

WalkieTalkie - VOIP


WalkieTalkie ("WT") allows low-latency, very clear voice calls to other WT users over the Internet.

WT was developed to fill the void other VOIP apps have left.. the need for a cross-platform program

that is simple to use, and lightweight both on the CPU and bandwidth.

WalkieTalkie is ideally suited for running in the background during gaming.

It's fully peer-to-peer, so there's no setup process, you just pick a username and start talking

to your buddies.


Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPod/iPad), Windows, MacOS, Linux (with WINE)

Buddy-list shows who is available

Conference mode (3+ users) with the desktop client hosting

High-Quality very low-latency audio

Auto-Answer mode

No sign-up or registration necessary, just pick a username and start calling

Fully peer-to-peer, or run your own WalkieTalkie server

Buddy icons

Update notifications



Version 4.0 is being released 12-5-2010. A new site, and new version for all platforms.

Way more Peer-To-Peerness.


Walkietalkie.zip - contains both Mac/Windows versions

"WalkieTalkie Plus" -

"WalkieTalkie (free)" -

"WeePhone SIP" -


How much bandwidth does WT use?

A call is in the neighborhood of 20kbit/sec (2.5KB/sec).

What codec/bit rate does WT use?

8khz GSM 6.10

Anything else you want to plug?

Why yes… If you're interested in a full SIP softphone for your iOS device.. check out



The WT manual